• Dimensions: 280x160x180 mm

    Power supply: AC110~120 V50/60HZ

    Consumption current: 0.5A

    Power consumption: 60VA

    Output power: 20~40W

    Frequency: 37.5~40KHZ, can be freely adjusted

  • Power cable 1

    Ultra sound output socket, 1 cutting knife set

    Foot switch 1 group
    Frequency: 37.5~40KHZ, can be freely adjusted

  • Continuous action

    Foot switch control


  • Easy jobs of 40,000 times per second high speed vibration cutting

    Cut area is very beautiful and tidy

    2 different actuation of control, in line with various job requirements

    With ultrasonic vibrations, reducing operator fatigue, a gentle force, to complete the work requirements


  • Plastic flow, and
    Resection of Flash
  • Cutting of cloth, cloth and paper, the substrate of conductors cut dressing

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